Thursday, June 22, 2023

Trying Once Again

 My new

Yes I know Navigator is spelled differently. I did that on purpose.

Come on over and lets get caught up. I'm sure we can find lots to talk about

See you soon......Rob

Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly...

 The good..

We now have another grandson. Bryson. He will be a year old on Feb 14th. My second oldest son is the father. Baby moms is a real XYZz. Enough said. We all hope my son wasn't the dad, but he is. My son has stepped up and taken responsibility for his son.

Grandson Sam who lives with us is now 9, very smart young man.

The bad is my brother passed away over a year ago, of a heart attack, only in his 50's. We hadn't been close for years. Dad had him cremated and no service.

The Ugly is the cost of everything. Oh my...Gas, Food, even my drug co pays are now up. I can't complain, at lest I have some insurance coverage.

Due to he high cost of gas I stepped down from my Commanders position after 2 years. Not fair he my members if I can only attend once a month. I transferred to another squadron closer to home. Life sucks, but we adjust , learn and move on.

We here in Mn have had the heaviest snow fall totals in 30 years. If some Liberal starts claiming climate changes the fight is on. Bitter cold, is aupon us for a week or so. Keep warm, and stay sfae.

I still can post but not reply as myself yet. I will have to reply as anomalous



Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Biden Not The Only One Who Forgets

 Wow, I have been wanted to post again. 


I would think about it, get distracted and forget about posting.

Life goes on. Lots has happen over the last 18 months.

Wont post all at once.


If you read this leave me a link so I can rebuild my blog.


Monday, November 16, 2020

Back To The Lock Down Again

 Yep, our Dictator at the state level has struck once again. Lock Downs like we had back in March are right around the corner.  That's before Ben Hiding even starts his crap on Jan. 20th.

People just don't get it, you MUST wear the mask, We all do. Even my grandson knows he has to wear one, he is in first grade. Our 7-12 grade got the stink eye last week, hybrid learning. Poor kids don't know when they need to go to school any day. Lucky they are keeping the k-6 at face to face.

My Squadron is now affected. Last week, National said Level One. no face to face meetings of more then 10 people. Ok we worked around that. I told the cadets we will split the group every week, to adhere the orders given..  Today at Noon, it was changed once again..Level ZERO one face to face at all. Online meetings only.

Talk about a scramble to get everyone emailed..NO MEETINGS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Our meetings on Monday start at 7pm. After that went out it was another to say We are combining with another unit on Tuesday nights. Online.

Then you get some idiot parent pissing about all the money she spent to get her kid in CAP. Takes another email to calm this one down..Anther reply how can they drill and do formations online?  That folks pegged my fun meter at overload. CAP is more then drill. Its about Leadership, Aerospace Education and learning. Needlaess to say I sent no reply..

The ride is going to be so much fun from this point forward.

Stay Safe All....Rob